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Office Equipment Leasing in Halifax: Printers, Copiers, Fax Machines and More!

If you are looking for office equipment in the greater Halifax area, leasing may be something your business is considering.

Benefits of Leasing over Buying

  1. Preservation of operating capital. Large capital purchases can sometimes be burdensome on small and medium size businesses. Leasing is a financial tool that allows an organization to acquire all the office equipment they need without a large outlay of capital funds.
  2. Leasing can provide predictable monthly expenses that can make budgeting a much easier task.
  3. In most instances you are able to deduct your entire lease payment as a current operating expense for your business as opposed to slowly depreciating an asset over many years.
  4. Your “lease debt” is not listed as a liability on your financial statements and will, as a result, preserve your borrowing ability should you require capital for another area of your business.
  5. An equipment leasing arrangement is, typically, easier to obtain than an equipment loan. It is not uncommon for leasing funders to provide a substantially higher approval rate for leasing than a financial institution would provide for a loan. To obtain a loan the credit history requirements are more restrictive than leasing and can restrict your ability to acquire the equipment that you require.


We suggest you confirm all this information with your accountant.
Lease terms provided by our leasing partner National Lesasing are available O.A.C. on purchases of $3000.00 or more.
Our own in-house leasing program is available to qualifying buyers O.A.C. for smaller dollar value aquisitions on select equipment. 


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