Today's manufacturers have moved away from traditional pulverized toner to a chemically grown or polymerized toner. The internal working components of todays modern printers are designed specifically for the use of polymerized toner. Off-brand, compatible and counterfeit toner cartridges are produced using old technology pulverized toner.

This is what polymerized toner (on the left) and puliverized toner (on the right) look like under significant magnification:

Polymerized vs Crushed Toner

Because of the extremely small particle size and the uniformity of its spherical shape polymerized toner flows within a printers image producing components, much like a liquid, and has the desirable properties of serving as a lubricant as well as not clumping, clogging or being abrasive to the delicate internal components of toner cartridges, transfer belts and development units.

The inherent abrasiveness of pulverized toner has a damaging effect on, expensive to replace, fusing units significantly decreasing their life expectancy.

Picture a bucket of marbles and a bucket of driveway gravel and imagine trying to insert a hand into the buckets. Easily done in the marble filled bucket but quite difficult and uncomfortable trying to insert your hand in to the bucket filled with driveway gravel.

The insidiousness of using off-brand, compatible or counterfeit toner cartridges is that the damage they are doing to your printer is cumulative and you may not notice it until it is too late and the damage is done, resulting in an expensive repair or the need to completely replace your printer. 

Polymerized toner offers the following benefits over pulverized toner:

- Due to its extremely small particle size and uniformity in shape polymerized toner can achieve more consistent and even coverage requiring less toner resulting in increased toner cartridge page yields.

- Due to its extremely small particle size and uniformity in shape polymerized toner provides higher resolution capabilities for crisper, better defined and more accurate printouts.

- Polymerized toner dramatically reduces the undesirable effect of differential gloss resulting in more natural looking printouts.

- Perhaps its most beneficial attribute: Due to its lack of abrasiveness polymerized toner ensures maximum drum, transfer belt, development unit and fusing unit life.