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At the Fax & Printer Guy Inc. we understand the frustration you experience when a piece of mission critical office equipment fails.

This is especially frustrating when it is just out of warranty or the limited warranty coverage does not provide for on-site service requiring that the device be packed up and shipped to a repair facility for who knows how long.

This is not a convenient or practical means of having office equipment serviced and can be very disruptive to an organization’s daily operations. Very often and typically out of desperation, perfectly good office equipment that is simply in need of a repair or maintenance is discarded and a new device is purchased. Needless to say this is not the most cost effective way to manage an organization’s office equipment needs nor is it environmentally friendly. Our landfills are full of office equipment that just needed to be serviced or repaired but because it was not convenient or practical it was just thrown away. Simply stated office equipment that is kept in service longer is friendlier to our environment.

At The Fax & Printer Guy Inc. we want our customers to receive maximum value from their office equipment purchases. This means keeping the office equipment you purchase in service longer. For qualifying office equipment purchases made at The Fax & Printer Guy Inc. we offer free enhanced printer protection at no additional cost. This free enhanced product protection goes beyond the manufacturer’s one-year limited retrun-to-depot warranty and includes on-site parts and labour service coverage for the life of the product requiring only that you purchase your consumable supply items, such as toner, exclusively from The Fax & Printer Guy Inc. throughout the life of the product.

When you think about it you have to buy toner anyway so doesn’t the added value of free on-site service, parts and support for the life of the product just seem like a no-brainer?

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