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What is a Managed Print Service (MPS)?

A Managed Print Service or MPS can come in many versions and variations. At its core is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) engaged to compile a detailed analysis of the functions and associated costs of producing and processing printed, faxed, copied and scanned documents within a business organization. The intended outcome is to; simplify and streamline those functions and processes, maximize equipment productivity and utilization, improve efficiencies, identify areas where costs savings may be realized and minimize a business organization's environmental footprint.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits a business organization can expect to realize from engaging an MPS service. To mention a few consider the following. An MPS service can:

1) Provide useful business planning and budgeting information.

An MPS service should provide a detailed accounting of how many document processing devices such as printers, faxes, copiers, multi-functional devices and scanners a business organization has, what the costs of acquiring, supplying and maintaining those devices are and whether those devices are properly deployed to achieve maximum utilization, maximum productivity and efficiencies, maximum cost savings, and minimal environmental impact.

It is not uncommon within many business organizations today that the actual costs of producing and processing documents are unknown. The managing of the day-to-day business functions related to producing and processing documents is often reactive, frustrating, time consuming and costly. With producing and processing documents typically being the third highest expenditure (consuming 1%-3% of a business organizations annual revenue; source Gartner Research) right behind payroll and rent it is paramount that a business organization is able to identify, quantify and most importantly qualify those costs to ensure that they are getting the best overall value for their investment.

2) Minimize unnecessary, time-consuming distractions allowing an organization to focus on its core business practices.

It is fair to say most businesses do not have personnel on staff skilled in the management of print, fax, copy and scan devices. A Managed Print Service can provide an organization with a distraction free print, fax, copy and scan infrastructure thereby allowing them to concentrate their full attention on core business practices. There will be no need to concern themselves with technical or supply issues as a properly engaged Managed Print Service proactively addresses all issues that pertain to printing, faxing, copying and scanning with the aid of state of the art remote monitoring capabilities that alert the Managed Print Service provider to any technical or supply issues that arise often before the customer is even aware an issue exists.

3) Decrease a business organization's environmental footprint.

Office equipment and the waste it creates is one of the biggest contributors to the massive amount of discarded electronic products and accessories that fill our landfill sites. A business can reduce its contribution to this environmental issue by choosing the right office technology devices and services. As previously mentioned when many businesses are considering the replacement of an office imaging device such as a printer, fax or copier they are unduly influenced by the sticker price of the device and will very often purchase devices that are essentially disposable in nature. An office imaging device that remains in service longer and uses fewer toner cartridges throughout its life has real environmental benefits. For more detailed information on choosing the right office imaging devices for your business please see office printing101.

Who is it for?

The quick answer is that an MPS service is beneficial to business organizations of all sizes from the one-person-spare-bedroom office to large enterprise business organizations. Contrary to what one may initially assume it is small and medium sized business organizations that often benefit the most even though they may feel they need it the least. Often it is said "We're just a small business, we don't print much and we only have one or two devices, when they break we just throw them away and buy another one". This perception and strategy causes many small and medium size business organizations to attempt to self-manage their print, fax, copy and scan needs typically shopping at BIG BOX office equipment outlet stores, getting poor and inadequate advice that leads to choosing the wrong devices usually based primarily on the sticker price of the device and getting virtually no after-sale support. For more detailed information on the importance of choosing the right document processing devices for your business and why the price of the device is at best consideration number three see office printing101.

How to get it?

Engage an experienced and certified Managed Service Provider such as The Fax & Printer Guy Inc. Our expertise is free and typically begins with an initial assessment of your current document production and processing practices and addresses the following; are there pain points within your current document production and processing practices that have gone unresolved?, do you have the right document processing device or devices?, can your current device or devices be redeployed and or consolidated to achieve maximum overall benefits?, how are the management and replenishment of supplies currently handled?, how are service and support requirements addressed and by whom?, what are the actual costs of your current document processing practices? can the environmental impact of your current document processing practices be decreased? Don't delay call us today and schedule your free document production and processing analysis 902-832-6622.